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Every single computer or device that connects to the internet has a unique address.  Much like the address where we live, an IP address (internet protocol) tells you where a particular computer or device is located, anywhere in the world.  People perform an IP lookup for a wide range of reasons, so let's explore a few of those reasons.

For a long time there were only four sets of numbers in a IP address for example, – this was known as version 4(IPv4).  Now version 6 (IPv6) is out with a series of 8 blocks of numbers/digits that has been designed to succeed version 4.

When you perform an IP address lookup you get to know exactly where people are coming from.  I mean you know what part of the world they come from.  With an automated IP lookup you can show IP addresses of the visitors back to them.

This makes for a really good security feature.  If there is ever a possibility that someone could put in a false address detail when ordering one of your products, you can remind them (while they add their address details) that you have captured their IP address, and you can then put that information on their screen.

They then know that you know where they live.  It's a good security mechanism to have.  All you'd then need to do is contact their internet service provider and ask for further details.  However it is not clear or straight cut.  You will need to get a court order or a warrant to be given access to the personal details.

Why else would people want to check IP address details of their visitors?  Well simply, it provides the website owner the chance to use the data it gained from it's IP lookup (for example, country, region or city) and deliver targeted advertising or content to you.

For a website owner who is trying to extract every last ounce of profit out of a website, then knowing all that they can about the visitor (through using an IP address lookup function to capture the IP address details) means that they can identify who their main visitors are and create content specifically for those visitors.

Alternatively they can use an IP lookup service and some advanced technology to serve relevant advertising.  It is widely know that if somebody is from, say Seattle, and they visit a website that serves them an advert from a Seattle based company, then there is a stronger chance that they will take action in response to that advert.

Imagine if you live in Seattle and you visit a website.  If you see a message at the top that says “Hello to people looking at this site from Seattle!”.  Chances are you will associate with the website and remember it a little bit more.

So ultimately there are a number of ways in which an IP lookup can be useful.  Security, fraud and to help website owners better serve the needs of their website visitors.